Angela Guerra is New York City's esthetician and skin care therapist.

Angela’s long-crafted skills in the arts of Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Modeladora Massage®, waxing, European Facials and eyebrow shaping are firmly rooted in her belief that beauty is the product of careful, personalized art & attention. Always suffused with her signature kindness and joie de vivre.

About the Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System is an important component of the immune system that fights against foreign substances in the body. The Lymphatic System's function is to help keep the body's tissues healthy by removing metabolic wastes, excess water, proteins, pathogens and toxins from the tissue via the lymph vessels. The lymph vessels connect to the lymph nodes which filters, concentrates, breaks down or stores these substances. From the lymph nodes the lymph vessels transports the fluid back to the blood (circulatory system). Approximately 40% of then fragile lymphatic vessels are subcutaneous (located just under the skin).

If the pathways become blocked, damaged, congested or severed, then the fluids can build up in the tissue leading to edema and fibrosis. If there is damage in the tissue (burns, chronic inflammation, ulceration or hematoma) then the lymph vessel system must transport the damage cells, inflammatory products and toxins away from the area. The quicker this can happen, the faster the recovery will be. Manual Lymph Drainage can aid in this process.

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